Imagine a city almost destroyed by the Great Cataclysm, sealing itself off from the surrounding world for 400 years.

Imagine the first adventuring groups bold enough to venture beyond the safety of the city walls.

Imagine what they find outside…

Have you got what it takes… to be a Hero?

Then heed the call with: In the Time of Heroes, an on-line Dungeons and Dragons adventure!

The ITOH FellowshipUsing the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5rd or 5th edition rules system, you start as a member of one of several cities on the unexplored continent of Myrddin. You will complete a two to four week training program and then join a party of adventurers who set out to seek fame, fortune and forgotten knowledge in an unknown and dangerous land. You adventure not just for yourself, but for your people, for if you fail your city will fall into stagnation and decay.

Take on the role of one of many classes of adventurer: Warriors, Priests, Magic Users and members of the Shadowy Arts. Each week you and your party will explore a forgotten land frought with peril and riches. You will gain power, notoriety, wealth, friends …and enemies.

In the Time of Heroes features a dynamic world where one person’s actions can have an effect across the world. Make an enemy of a powerful lord, and those who come after you may meet his armies in battle; befriend a lost druidic society and their knowledge and healing will be available to all. So choose wisely when you meet a traveller on the road, hero, for you may see them again.

Flee in battle, mock the gods, offend the mighty, you will be forgotten and your bones will bleach in the sun… but:

Act bravely and with honor, bring home the knowledge that your city needs to survive, drive evil back into the depths from whence it came…Tame a World…

And you will be remembered for centuries, your deeds sung around the hearth for generations, your name written in the scrolls of history. History made…
In the Time of Heroes

A Little Help PleaseIf you wish to learn more about the unique world of Myrddin and why it needs to be re-discovered, see the world section. You can also view the active regions of Myrddin, and the current exploration campaigns in which brave adventurers seek lost knowledge in its vast lands. If you’d like to know how ITOH actually works, go to the tools section which includes a demo, a list of recommended downloads, and links to our forum and online character sheet database. There’s also a FAQ section. Last but not least, you’re welcome to join.